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I have a few questions about snails.

1. I read some where that assassin snails will not kill nerite snails is that true?
2. Will nerite snails breed in freshwater?
3. How many nerite snails would you recomend as a algee crew for a 55G?
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Wait, did I understand that right? One of each different type of nerite, and they wont lay eggs all over my tank? So if I add a zebra to my tank, and I have a eggs?

Do female nerites lay eggs even if there is no male, like chickens? Or if the male is of a different variety?

I originally had three nerites, all of different types...a zebra, a tiger, and something else...eggs everywhere. Two died after they were in there for about a month, and suddenly no more eggs were being produced. I have been assuming that the one nerite I have left now is a male. But if the females only lay eggs when there is a male of the same species in the tank, then I need to know! I would love to have more, but all those little white dots were annoying!

Can I seriously get one each of different types and NOT have eggs?
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