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I'm new to this forum, but not to either planted tanks or gastropods. I currently keep 11 species, only one of which is terrestrial. I'm looking for more! (If you want to see what I keep, click here: )

I am specifically looking for Pagoda snails (Brotia), Thiara, and Tylomelania.

I am also looking for any Melanoides species except tuberculata, unless you have the VERY dark nearly black tuberculata I have seen a few pics of. In English, I'm looking for the other sorts of Malaysian Trumpet snails. There are a bunch, and I don't yet have them all!

If you have a neat local snail, tell/show me. It might be something I'd like to keep. If you have a cool exotic breeding in your tanks, tell me! At the very least, I want to see! I'm also interested in small land snails. I am in NC, in the USA, so US only.

I'm willing to pay varying prices depending on species, quality and quantity. For some, I'll be happy to pay shipping, and others I might shell out $5 to $10 per snail. I will not buy anything you can't show me a reasonably clear photo of. I'm happy to pay via paypal, or trade for any species I have enough numbers of.
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