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Snails for low PH tank

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I was curious whats a good snail to keep in CRS tank that wont suffer from shell erosion?

I know the low PH can be hard on their shells. Seen as how the main inhabitants are the crystal shrimp it would not be wise to raise the parameters.

So what snails are you guys keeping in your CRS/TB tanks?
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Mmh.. The bladder snails that I introduced into my tank a few months ago seem to have disappeared (I didn't even notice until now!) They used to stay near the water line, so maybe they were trying to escape.

MTS and Nerites didn't seem to do well either. (They didn't move much, so I transferred them to another tank)

As for my mini ramshorn snails, they are breeding like rabbits! Good thing they just stay on the side walls where I don't scrap off the algae. (Out of sight :D)

PH: ~6.4
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