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Hello - I could really use some advice. I've got a nerite with a deteriorating shell and 4 amanos and a Singapore shrimp that aren't molting.

I've got a 30 gallon, heavily planted community tank - about 21 various fish with the inverts. The tank is 2 years old. When I first got it cycled, I introduced the 4 amanos and they used to molt regularly. I had a small bag of crushed coral in my canister filter to get the pH where I wanted it. I think my LFS advised me to shoot for about 6.5, but don't quote me on that.

Later I bought three nerite snails. One died almost immediately. another died about 6 months later. The third is a tough old warhorse, but I've noticed over the last few months that his shell is deteriorating. It almost looks like it's being eaten by something. I have also noticed that it's been several months since I've come across an amano molt while vacuuming my tank.

About four months ago I added the Singapore shrimp. It seems healthy and is always fanning and feeding, never picking at the gravel. But it's tiny and staying tiny, and as far as I can tell has yet to molt once.

Last month I noticed that the crushed coral in my canister was all but gone, so it has been replaced. Maybe that will turn things back around, but I'm just guessing here. Do any of you have advice for getting minerals to my inverts without messing up the pH for my fish? (which are cardinal tetras, foersch's barbs, a pearl gourami, dwarf rainbows, cories, ancistrus, lizard whiptail)

Thanks for any insight!
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