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Finally: something to work/w..the second one I mean. Don't let this secret out but thank you for giving me this idea. Here it is.
People have shown the bottle trap before which is about equal to the second one of these. Cut the bottle just after it gets large and reverse
the end, place it back into the bottom(used soft drink plastic bottle and
preferably one that has an even cylindrical shape to it. It can catch shrimp
or small fish. But I left one in my tank overnight and everything in it was dead from lack of Oxygen in the morning.
But if you used the Tupperware container instead it gets water going
through it if you place it anywhere that a current will flow against it.
But this is the real reason I'm thanking you.
I have fish that eat only live food and I can put this in a pond and collect SCUDS for my fish...GREAT...but people on here may want to use it to remove the scuds from their tanks.
BTW: Using a fairly small screwdriver would insure that only baby shrimp might get into it along/w the scuds.


or just using a piece of lettuce/zucchini/etc. in the tank

or assassin snails

or something that eats snails (dwarf puffers, loaches, etc.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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