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Snail tank without a filter?

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So my dad recently got some clown fish and an assassin snail to deal with my pond snail infestation(i think that is what type of snails they are). (he originally was going to just get the assassin but stores people have a way of convincing people to buy things they didn't intend to.)

as i understand it clown loaches like to eat all snails so before that happens i would like to save the assassin snail unfortunate i dont have another filter and am broke so i wont get any any new one soon but i do have a spare 10-12 gallon tank. So i was wondering would it be possible for me to put the assassin snail in the spare tank with some pond snails and plants but no filter. (i have a light and spare heater for the tank)

Also the clown loaches i got dont seem to be eating any of the snails. Anyone know why that could be?
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Should be fine, if you have an air pump you can make a filter with that, but you really don't need it.
thanks a lot Baadboy11 :D

and they certainly look like clown loaches what else could they be?
Lots of water changes! Look into a DIY sponge filter, if you have an extra air pump on hand. Thats unfortunate. You should try to return them if you cannot house them. Your Loach's should take care of your pest snails. Also feed less and the snails will not come back. Also you can get small filters for around 10$ at big name pet stores/super store.
Personally, I'd return the loaches. Even though they grow relatively slowly, they will get enormous. A 90g would be the bare minimum I'd feel comfortable with for keeping a school of clowns. And they do need to be in schools, 5 minimum.

I don't think the loaches will eat the assassin, their shells are hard compared to a pond or ramshorn snail. Loaches aren't big fans of MTS because their shells are hard too. Are you sure the pest snails are pond snails?

The best way to deal with a snail infestation is to stop overfeeding. Snails reproduce in direct response to the food supply, more food means more snails. Cut the amount of food in half, pull out all the snails you see and in no time at all, the population will drop off dramatically.

You could always offer up the assassin on the SnS. Having one is dancing with the devil. They will kill every snail, even the ones you want like nerites and mysteries. They don't just go after "pest" snails. The one I had hunted down the four MTS I originally put in my 75g tank; it also killed two nerites, all the ramshorn and all the adult MTS in my 20g.

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Im pretty sure they pond snails and the loaches im going to be giving them back sometime (not sure yet) i was just wondering why it is so many places say they like to eat snails yet they dont touch them in my tank

Thanks for all the help :D
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