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I'm having an issue with my snails. To start off with, my PH is kinda high, so this might be it. I have @ 5 ramshorns, 1 mystery (the type, not an unknown), and a few malasian (sp?) trumpets that I rarely see.
A couple of my ramshorns float! Literally, they float, right side up, on the top of the tank. I'm guessing it's got something to do with my bubbler sponge filter that I use, but my other snails don't seem to have the same problem. Also, their shells seem to be getting lighter in color, and it looks like the mystery snail has a big crack in the front of his shell. Their is nothing else in the tank except for some anachris.
The mystery snail will be crawling around on the glass, let go, and just glide down to somewhere else in the tank, sometimes gliding across the full length of the five gallon tank. Is this normal? It's kinda fun to watch =)
~Adam D.
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