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Snail Id please

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Can someone I'd this snail for me? I don't mind him in the tank as long as he doesn't eat my plants

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ramshorn eats algae and dead plant material.. will breed fast
Thanks. As long as he doesn't eat my love plants I'm cool

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I like these snails. I currently have a bunch of ramshorns (like in your pic), mini ramshorns (Planorbis arnodii, I think), and MTS. I used to have pond and bladder snails, but I think they got outcompeted or something.

I've never noticed them to harm plants, but they do clean up the dead plant material, and munch on algae and biofilms quite a bit. Great at clearing up new-driftwood fungus.
Ramshorn imo, I've got some too. Watch out though, the can quickly multiply.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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