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I am trying to figure out what laid these eggs. I posted in the assassin snail thread, but I didn't want to hijack.

I recently re-did my tank, and I've been adding plants and such. It's only been up and running with plants for 2 weeks. I noticed some MTS hitch hikers about a week ago made in with some of the plants I got (or at least that's what I thought they were). I don't really want snails in this tank, so I threw in my two assassin snails.

Two days ago I saw what I presume to be snail eggs on my vals. I removed them, and now today I saw them again. This time I took pics before removal. I think assassin eggs look different, no? The only other snails (which I was thinking were MTS) are very tiny, and I can't see how one would lay an egg sac 10x its size.

Are they even snail eggs? :confused1:

The tank is only 12 gallons, so there isn't much room to hide in here. They are starting out the size of a spec, so small you can't even tell they are snails unless you look under a magnifying glass. Here are some pics of two of the biggest ones in there. This is my camera on macro, and you see see how small they are compared to aqua soil granules and my finger.

So any idea what left the eggs, if they are eggs?
Any idea what type of snails those are (if they aren't MTS)?

It's probably tough to judge what they are since they are so tiny and not very developed. Any input is appreciated.
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