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Snail Body Shop?

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So i got a nerite snail today at petsmart, it was the last one they had but my lonely java fern has decided to sprout algae. Hence the snail, only wanted one anyways, so i was ok with that. Didn't get a fantastic look at him but hey, its a snail right? *headdesk* Well we get turbo home, about to put him and some tetras in Qt, and notice an unusual white line across the top of his shell. Odd, since he's dark brown with black zigzags. Ok, so i have to pick him up out of the bag since hes holding on for dear life, its a crack. A nasty one. It goes widthwise across the top of his shell just past the first "hump". So obviously calcium supplement, is there anything else i can do for him? Hes a bit small to serve with garlic and butter, and i cant imagine hes happy with a new vent... Ideas? Suggestions? Make him a patch like Turbo?
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Turbo has some new issues to deal with. Apparently my new plants came with a friend. Ive named him Killer. Yes, an assassin snail. Turbo has hidden himself since his shell correction (do you know how tempting it was to paint his shell post op?) and our new friend has been trolling. I think Turbo is up in the plants somewhere, hopefully at least. Lol.
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