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SMS Located!!!

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hey I just want to tell everyone looking for SMS In the Midwest--Ohio region, that SMS has finally been located!! :flick: :flick:

I made some phone calls thanks to the help of a few people on here, and I found a LESCO Service center, in Louiscenter, Ohio (not sure of the spelling).

The guy said he had about 10-20 bags of the stuff in charcoal color.
It cost me $62 and change to have 2 x 50 lb bags shipped right to my house.!! :icon_smil

The number to there is 740-549-2141. Ask for Dan, he is a really nice guy!

Thanks again for everyone that helped me out through this long and painful journey!!:hihi:
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Same place I got mine from back in august. If I had known you were looking, would have told ya. I dunno if you are aware, but there's a club local to columbus, called CAFE. Might have easier luck next time asking there.
just thought I would update this thread since there has been another location found by Todd. Good job!!

Good news. Pro's Choice customer service just replied to my inquiry. If you're in Maryland, you can get SMS at their distributor:

Ken Hurst

Meyer Seed International

4321 Fitch Ave

Baltimore MD 21236

Ph: 410-665-5511

[email protected]

Just thought I'd share what my research yielded. They can also ship to your house which is something Lesco wouldn't do in the past.

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