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Hello everyone! This looks like a great forum to be in and I just decided to register. I am 14, and a member on and, having the same name. On, I have a journal which is from where I started planting my tank to now.
This is my first tank, a 10g tank which was established in October 2005. I started out with fake plants but in February 2006, I began with a clump of Java Moss. I had 1.5wpg, but just recently(as of 2 days ago) I upgraded it to 3wpg. Here are the specs:
Tank: 10g All-Glass Aquarium Tank
Filter:Tetra Whisper Power Filter
Heater: Tetra Heater
Lighting: DIY Hood, 3 CF Bulbs 10w each; 3wpg
Constant Temp: 78 degrees Farenheit
Substrate: Shulz's Aquatic Soil
Water Change Schedule: 50% each week
Background: Black
Co2: DIY Yeast Method
Decor: 2 small rocks, and 2 pieces of Driftwood
Fish: 12 White Clouds, 4 Guppies(2 Adult Females, 2 Fry), 2 Pygmy Cories, 2 Otos, and an SAE
Plants: Apongeton Crispus, Dwarf Sag, Green Hygro, Java Fern, Java Moss, Lily Bulb, Watersprite

Java Moss(little clumps is flake food):

White Cloud:

1.5" SAE:

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