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smaller tank lights

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ok so i bought a 35 gallon tall which turned out to be a 15 gallon tall (some people) anyway the tank is 17 inches wide and im having a hard time finding a small light. all my lights are corallife but the smallest one they make is 24in. so any suggestions what do all yall use on the ten gallons and what not. ty
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Coralife has a 20" 1x28w Aqualight and Current has a 20" 1x40w Satellite fixture.

But, both of them come with saltwater bulbs. You can swap them out for 6700K, 8000K, 10,000K and a dual daylight 6700K/10,000K bulb.

Current also has a 2x40w Satellite and a 2x40w Orbit fixture. You'll need good CO2 for these fixtures.

20" 1x28w Aqualight:

20" 1x40w Satellite:

28w 6700K:

28w 10,000K:

32w dual daylight:

36w 8000K:

40w dual daylight:

All of these bulbs have square pin connections and they will fit in the fixtures mentioned above.
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man thats triple wut im payin for my 36 in i would rather just get a 24 in for a third of the price. and it just be longer. thanks for the reply tho

here is where i got my lights
the dual freshwater is wut i use and they do extremely well on my tanks
Hum ... You didn't mention a price ceiling. I wasn't price shopping for you.

You said, "so any suggestions what do all yall use on the ten gallons and what not. ty."

I was showing you what is available in 20" fixtures for 10g that I know about. Those fixtures are usually on sale at many of the online vendors from time to time.

Your link shows T5NO fixtures. You didn't mention that you were looking for them in your original post.

There are a few 20" T5 fixtures around, but I'm not familiar with them.

Anyway, good luck.
well i was not in any way complaining about ur post. i got info out of it and i thank u. i am sry for the lack of info as i was not looking for them specifically. and as for a price cap didnt think to enter one so again im sorry
I use an AH Supply 36 watt light kit in a DIY enclosure over my 15H tank, which is the same size as a 10 gallon, only 50% taller. It seems to be working very well.
cool i will google that ty
Off topic, but I see you're from Lake Charles. Is that little Bessie girl I once knew still around?
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