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small plecos for planted tanks?

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anybody knoe any pleco specie that stays small like 5-6inchs max or maybe 7?
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Ancistras - aka bristlenose.
Long fins are about 5", short fins are about 4".
They do need driftwood to chew on.
Get a Bristlenose if you actually want to see it. I'm sick of buying plecos that hide! Finally got a BN and I see it all the time. Gorgeous longfin albino.
I've been keeping a clown Pleco, light brownish color, had him for 4yrs and is only about 3-4 inches long. He does stay hidden, but under my driftwood he is visible. Comes out once the lights go out.
Pitbull plecos are hiders. Best best is bristlenose.
What about the zebra pleco how big do they get?
they stay around 3-4 inches but they're really expensive and they hide all the time.
Zebra Plecos are very expensive. BN Plecos can hide to but alot less than Pitbull Plecs. Is you want something thats a bottom feeder and prodominantly active then I would advise going for a Corydoras sp. A large group of dwarf cory sp.'s are really active and stay bottom bound.

What about a green phantom pleco. They are stunning and stay fairly small 7"-8", not sure if their compatible with plants.
starry night pleco (L59) 4-5 inches
King tiger pleco (L66) 5-6 inches (has similar colaration as a zebra pleco just with much thinner black an white lines and slighltly cheaper)
Gold nugget plecos are pretty nice but they hide alot and in my experience they suck at eating algae
well that's too small but i know there is a something more bigger but better.
I have a L264 Sultan pleco (Leporacanthicus joselimai) that will get 5” may be 6”. Was somewhat expensive, but I got it local so didn't pay extra for shipping. It is a very good looking fish, battleship gray with black spots, and has white trim on its fins. It doesn't come out much tho...but when it does it is something of a scurryer.
The bristlenose is the best; I like the albinos, and always have a few in each tank I keep. I also like the rubbernose/rubberlip plecos, though they can get in the 6-8 inch range. Both species likes to have driftwood in the tank to nibble on.
Gold nugget plecos are pretty nice but they hide alot and in my experience they suck at eating algae
My gold nugget is out all the time. I suppose he isn't great at eating algae... but then again I don't get plecos for algae, ha!
Err, this thread is almost a year old...
Err, this thread is almost a year old...
Rofl didn't see that....
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