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Small plant recommendation

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I'm in the process of rebuilding my Oto tank and have a void area I'm looking to fill. I have quite a few crypts on the right hand side going towards the middle. I have some L. Repens and L. Arcuata grouped in the rear from the middle to the left. What I am looking for now is a small plant that I can place in an open area. The trick to this is that the open area is where my HOB is.
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Pics Pics Pics

Do you want a relatively short plant or a tall plant that isn't overpowering? With a picture one could give better suggestions.

As far as small but tall plants go, there is HM, elodea canadensis, elodea nuttallii, rotala sp. "mini," limnophila sp. 'guinea broad leaf.' To hide the filter intake, I use limnophila sessiliflora. I have the native species Callitriche verna, the plants are about a centimeter across, but the stem is easily broken and very flexible.

For a mid ground sort of plant, there is eleocharis acicularis, blyxia, rotala mini, and windlov java fern.

Here's a current pic of the tank and how it sits.

This is still in the makings. The Suesswassertang will completely cover the grid to back left. I have a few more Ludwigia and Lobelia plants to add. This will leave a void from the center towards the back right hand area. The HOB is currently located in the back right hand corner.

I have some things floating up top some of which will be planted and others removed completely.

Not looking for anything that will get overly larger thus creating more of a shadow. The crypts are already doing a good enough job at that. I will of course trim accordingly.

I'm thinking my only requirement would be for a broadish type of leaf like the Repens. The Otos love grazing there and mama places a lot of eggs as well. I know I am looking for some L. Ovalis to add to the Ludwigia.

If you look close enough in the upper left center of the front glass, you will find a baby Oto. About even height with the tallest L. Repens.
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I would suggest some compact hygro. It gets fairly broad leaves but stays pretty low.
I would suggest a low crypt or java moss in that shady area to the right. If it isn't that shady, I recommend a small crypt or java moss, or anubias nana 'petite'/'eyes'/'azelfii'

...Or some other Anubias barterii variety.
I am looking at teh Anubias Barterii 'Petite'. Might have found a couple. I'll have a few Lobelia 'small form' in there too. I'm looking at maybe transferring over a couple Downoi plants.

I just took out all the peacock moss in there. Not sure if I want put moss back. Didn't seem to fit.

Not sure what other small plants there may be.
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