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I want a small low tech tank for my office. I’d like to have plants, maybe a shrimp tank. Any suggestions are appreciated. I want it as maintenance free as possible. I’ve had planted tanks but mainly salt water experience. Give me a list of all I need , like to stay 5 gallons and under. Thanks in advance.

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The perfect office tank is an "Opae Ula" (Hawaiian Volcano Shrimp)
I have one set up on my desk at work. Last month I caught Covid-19 and I was out of the office for almost 3 weeks.
The shrimp did well.
In that 1 1/2 gallon nano-aquarium I have algae, Malaysian trumpet snail and the Opae Ula.
I am in the process of acclimating some scud to the salinity, which by the way is 1.013.
I would love to have more plants in the tank, but most cannot survive in that salinity.
It is either too high, of too low for most plants.
I did manage to get a rock covered with a surface moss that grows well in this salinity.
I am now experimenting with getting it on other rocks. So far results look promising.
Here are a few pictures of my Opae Ula tank.
It is less than 2 months old.

The shrimp are not everywhere. I had to order them from eBay.
I ordered them from a Hawaiian man who raises them in California. I believe his user name is Vorteil (I could have the i, and e backwards)
I contacted him and he put together a package for me that had the algae, snails and shrimp that can survive in the 1.013 salinity.
He is the one I got the moss covered rock from.
I am always in the hunt for plants that can survive in these tanks.
I will eventually head to a saltwater marsh in Sabine pass, Texas and search for plants....
Maybe in the Spring...


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