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Small fish for a cube tank that like a low pH

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Re-setup my 7.5g 12" cube tank, planted it with some hydro, vals, moss in Netlea soil. The netlea is probably going to drop the pH down to 5.5-6.0.

Looking for a few fish I can add that will stay small, not live bearers so they won't over populate my tank like platys or guppies, don't need to be in large groups and can deal with a low pH and some basic fert dosing, etc.

nothing too weird or exotic either, my LFS's don't usually have anything but the standards.
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Shrimp, a betta, maybe some sort of amazonian fish that likes softwater. Cories and tetras I think would work.
Cpd's come to mind.
Nano fish....celestial pearl danio, ember tetra, chili rasbora. A group of 6 or so.
CPD's, shrimp, pygmy corys, Betta, You could do Endlers and get all males, pretty easy to tell, similar to fancy guppies
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