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Small, colorful bottom fish ideas

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I'm setting up a new 29g tank and I'm currently leaning towards having a bunch of small, colorful fish. Does anyone have any recomendations as to a small (1-2 inch max) brightly colored fish that would occupy the bottom of the aquarium? I like the look of bumblebee gobies but I don't want to do brackish water, I also like the blue neon gobies but was curious if there are even better colored options out there.
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Can't get more colorful than peacock gudgeon for a tropical tank . Or for cold water go for the rainbow darter
Blue rams for the most part stay on the bottom. I would go with peacock gudgeons though, because you could get more of them.
What temperature is the water? I would recommend some sort of darter. Green side and rainbow are my favorites.
water will be in the 70s range, maybe upper 60s. Tank will be in my basement so I could really have a range.

Darters would be cool, we've got at least rainbows and orangethroats around here that are pretty easy to catch. Problem is I think these might be the fish that gave my friend's tank camallanus worms, and then my tank. Needless to say I'll quarantine this time haha.
wow those peacock gudgeons are beautiful! They're so colorful like saltwater fish.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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