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Hehehe, I thought that might get your attention.


as you can see, I have a portion of;
Glossostigma elantinoides - one hardball
Tonina sp. 'Belem' - over a dozen tiny heads
Christmas Moss - Vesicularia montagnei - one golfball
6"x12" plastic mesh & fishing line - make a moss billboard!

what you are looking at are small viable plants
mixed in with dead plant matter, NOT algae.
for someone who does not have these plants,
you can definately use these to get started.

If it's worth having these, here are my terms;
-must have a PTrader#>0
-be a member a few months
-have at least a few dozen posts
-and agree to snail mail me $5

Please only take these plants if you know you
have the substrate and light to support them.

They will go out first class mail today.
(I will have to trust you'll send the cash.)
I'll update this thread when I have a taker.

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