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Slow Gossostigma Growth

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I know what you guys are thinking... Another glosso growth thread? Well, after searching through glosso threads high and low I was not able to find a situation similar to mine much less a relevant resolution to my problem.

The Problem:

I planted glosso for my foreground around 2 months ago. The glosso is green, very low horizontal growth, and appears to be healthy in every other respect. The only thing is that it is growing very slowly. I did go through the trouble of cutting the glosso up into individual plantlets and spending about 2 hours planting them. I am thinking that something is off, but I don't know where to start. Here is a picture:

Here are what seem like relevant parameters to my setup:

  • 29 Gallon Tank
  • 130W Coralife PC Fixture.
  • Pressurized CO2 @ 2 - 3 bps going into a DYI reactor inline with my Rena XP2 outflow (don't have a drop checker as of now)
    CO2 is timed with the lights.
  • EI Dosing following dosages for Tank #1 found here:
    I am dosing K2S04 as well as KNO3 and KH2P04. I know glosso is a potassium hungry plant. I haven't been dosing iron until recently because I was dosing Flourish micros (thinking I had Fe covered). Now I am dosing about 2 - 3 ml of Fe via Flourish Iron, and yes Rex I am dosing it on opposite days of the phosphates. :)

The glosso is not shaded by other plants. It has direct light from the 10,000K bulb and mostly direct light from the 6700K bulb. The glosso is growing thickest right up against the front of the tank as shown here:

If you are looking at the glosso at eye level you would never know there is a problem with the growth. Once you stand up though you would see what I was trying to show in the image at the top of the post.

I am not really noticing any deficiencies with the glosso. Just very slow growth. Thinking maybe I needed a new bulb, I swapped out my front bulb with a 10,000K bulb, but I have not seen any impact by doing this. I do, however, like the mix of 10,000K and 6700K lighting.

Growth on all of my other plants is excellent. Believe it or not, the most noticeable pearling is on the glosso. I have one idea that I think could be causing the problem, but I don't want to cloud anyone's head with my idea and keep them from thinking about this objectively.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Hehe, it could be a good thing in some peoples eyes. Later on when it gets full, you'll wish it grew a bit slower xD
It grew too fast for me so I decided to take it out.

I can't help you really though, it seems that you have the ideal conditions.
It's been quite a while since I had glosso, but if I remember correctly, it did take it two or three months to take off. And like gotcheaprice said, at that point you may wish it was still growing slowly! The one thing I don't see mentioned in your post is what type of substrate you have. It does look fairly coarse however, and this might have something to do with it.
Thanks for your replies guys. The substrate is Ecocomplete and it has been in the tank for a while. All of the finer particles have drifted below the more corse stuff. The glosso that is growing has quite a root system going on. You can see where it is growing right up next to the glass.

Does anyone think that it might be worth while to throw some root tabs in the substrate? Just thought of that because of your question Rosehawke.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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