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slimy algae!

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hi everyone....i'm new to this forum :) and while i have a general understanding of lighting, planted tanks etc., i am having some issues in my 5g hex with that blue/green slime algae. :angryfire

i have no idea why this stuff is coming on so fast, and so much. i was using a 7w cfl, which was on for no more than 10 hrs. then i decided to put a 10w cfl in to get more light...and have it on for 8hrs. every week i do a water change, and by the next week comes, the whole front and one side is covered. which also happens to be the sides closest to the light. hmm.

this tank has a java fern, and no other live plants. obviously the bio load of this tank is low, since there is only one betta in it. thoughts? advice? thanks!
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welcome jeri :)

I've read a few different methods of dealing with cyanobacteria but luckily I haven't had to employ any as of yet. Do you have pics?
hi jeta :) well i don't have pics, just because i recently cleaned it, so it hasn't grown back yet. but when it does, i will take some.

i have read a few things....i was going to put an airstone in there...just because it is a very tall tank, and i'm not sure if there is enough agitation? check valve isn't working, for some odd reason i can't get air through it. i thought about just using it without one for a while, you think that would be terrible? haha.
No, it'll be fine, the only purpose of a check valve is to keep water from siphoning back through the air pump in the case of a failure.

You might be able to get the check valve working by inserting something small into it to move it around a bit.
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