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Slime in water topoff bucket

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I've recently setup a 5gal HD bucket with a pump to combat evaporation in one of my open top tanks. It works fine but I have noticed that the walls of the bucket and pump tube become coated in a thick coat of transparent slime after a few days. after a week or so the vinyl pump tube also becomes encrusted with a thick coat some sort of white scale deposit.

Anyone have ideas of what this could be? All I add is a very small amount of dechorinator, bucket is covered and gets rinsed and refilled every week or two. Water is tap water from a treated city water supply.
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I get that on my canister filter. I was told that is bacteria that feeds on the protein in the water. Could be different with your bucket though.
I suppose it's possible. The water is treated though so I don't know how much organics could be in there. I guess I'll just have to change out the water every few days which kind of defeats the time saving purpose of setting it up in the first place.

Here's the water test results for the supply I am using in case anyone can see anything out of the ordinary.
Your reports are a bit different than ones I read in the states. No surprise there, but it does throw a bit of confusion when I read it. But you do live in a very civil first class country so that should help your confidence!
If I'm not totally off, I see water that is watched carefully by a first class operation. All things appear to be good except for occasional manganese running too high. Lots of mining in the area, maybe? You have chlorine rather than chloramine so you could likely get by with just letting it gas off rather than chemical treatment. Whichever works for you. Water PH varies from slightly above neutral to slightly more alkaline but still very reasonable. Likely pulling from different water sources at times??/
It does look like you have quite a lot of minerals GH/KH in the water. That is where I would think the white film is coming in. If you were to let the bucket dry, I might guess you would find a white film something like chalk or cement scale? If it is a real bother, I might try adding an airstone to the bucket to get more movement and air to the water. I would leave it open top if there is not reason to cover it like kids, pets, etc. I get much the same film in my reserve water barrel and at times enough piles on the bottom to turn brown if I don't stir it now and then. More yuck factor than real problem.
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