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Couldnt find anyone that had some slate rocks for sale so i bought some at my LFS and i got more then i needed so i though i see if anyone is interested in buying some for a aqua scape they plan on doing...

15 piece slate rocks Small - Large size : $10 + $13 shipping (USPS Medium Flat Rate Box)

Sukra Orange Pumpkin Shrimp (Culls)- Juv - Sub Adults
These shrimps range from peel orange to cherry like shrimp these do lay orange babys tho... they are my orange culls

$1.50 each
Every 10 you buy get 1 free... these free will cover any DOA,

shipping is $13 medium flat rate box no DOA covered... can also ship small flat rate on small orders for $8 with no DOA also
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