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You know how some people are just a bit more bold? Fish act quite the same at times. Some are a bit on the dull side and don't really react to things that scare other silly. Perhaps this fish tends to be a bit more on the smarted side and knows people can be really scary. That may leave this fish thinking it over for a bit longer than some of the slower, duller friends.
Of course it is wise to look the fish over for some time and do look for signs of disease but at the same time, giving them time to settle in will be good.
I just got 6 rainbow cichlids and three were extremely shy, while three were semi okay. Now that they have been here three weeks, I am really glad for the QT I did as three are bold and healthy, two are spooky and hide with a couple ich spots and one is dead. I'm certainly glad they are in a ten gallon where I can treat them and they are not exposing a whole tank of fish for me to treat.
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