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Skittish molly darting around tank?

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I just got a couple of Molly fish for my community 30gallon. It's very well established, is over a year old, and I tested the water before putting them in. No ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. pH right around 7. The one Molly looks perfectly content and is happily swimming around and healty. However the 2nd Molly is extremely skittish and anytime I walk past the tank or go up to look at it she'll dart around the tank extremely quick then find a corner or plant to hide behind and won't come out until she seems to feel safe. As soon as I move again she darts back to hide. This to me is definitely not molly behaviour. Considering the other Molly is just fine I don't understand what is up with this one.

Any ideas? Or advice on what to do? I've NEVER seen this happen in my fish before and I acclimatized them as I do all my fish and very gradually. When I do get a chance to look at her I can't see any signs of disease but she seems stressed to be doing this and I can't figure out why. Thanks
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1. What other tank mates
2. What gender is the Molly
3. How often, how so, and do you add dechlorinator to waterchanges
4. What's the temp
5. How did you acclimate
6. How many times have you netted the Molly
Just a few questions to see what could be going on.:)
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