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Skinny White worms?

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I notice today I have this skinny white worms that look identical to my hc roots? Any comment on this?? This is my shrimp tank btw thanks!
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I've had these before. I've always thought they were nematodes. Never noticed any ill effects with fish or shrimp. Also never figured out how to eradicate them. Fish will eat them.
Hard to see from the pic but maybe Planaria or Hydra; Google those and see if they match. Planaria is usually caused by overfeeding and not cleaning the substrate enough.
They are non harmful and fish snacks. feed as litle as possible. they will never go away in a shrimp tank in my exerpience, they love floating plants and will get worse if u have them
It's not planaria or hydra. It is not from overfeeding also. I've had these in tanks with only plants where I did not feed for 9 months.
Thanks guys, I've thrown 2 lil guppies in there and change my water 2x a week see if it help. I don't think it's over feeding thought because I barely feed a lot to my shrimps.
ya they dont need much food to survive. overfeeding just makes them worse
that was my point really

water changes will help a little, vacuuming often will help more than anything but that's hard to do with shrimp

so u did the next best thing. throw somethign in that will avidly eat them :)
My substrate is flora-activa and my hc is rooting. Are there ways to clean the substrate without uprooting the hc?
How odd that I saw this post yesterday then then last night, noticed about 4 white worms swimming in my tank. I don't have a picture, but they're really thin, about a hair width or smaller, white, and swim quite a bit. I've not seen them in the substrate. My rasboras and panda cory's have not seen the ones I've watched and hence have not eaten them.

Looking at the web for the types listed above, they might be detritus worms.
Meh, I think most worms you encounter are just a cleanup crew and help more than they hurt.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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