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Skater bail

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Have you guys seen this video? Not for the extremely squeemish, but it isn't that bad
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He was probably in shock
Your vid isn't working for me, just a black square. I bet he was hurt a little bit, just not enought to prevent him from walking away. He will feel it in the morning for sure.
hahaha he lands on the transition, thats key if you ever bail on tranny its so much more pleasent cause you can slide away instead of slamming and not going anywhere, most of the force is transfered into kenetic energy that way.
ermmmm try this (Y)
I saw that on the news, Yoink! Makes you cringe, doesn't it? And he was definitely hurt. The newscaster said his liver was torn (which can be quite serious) and something else was wrong with him ~ can't remember.

BTW, to everyone ~ The statement "He walked away from it" is misleading. Many people with life threatening injuries can walk, talk and function just fine immediately after being injured. Once a bit of time passes and the body's automatic systems that overcome trauma and preserve life start "tiring out", advanced shock sets in and they'll die if they don't get medical help. When I was doing EMS, we called these people "walking wounded". Many times they would even refuse treatment, so we'd just wait around a bit and they'd quickly change their mind. ;)
like one of those bad dreams. just falling falling falling falling then BAM!

yea, i have slammed a couple times on big ski kickers. hurts like hell, but ive always been able to keep going. i saw a guy land flat on his back off a kicker and have to be stretchered to an ambulance.

wanna see a huge jump check this out

250 foot cliff huck. pierre lost control after the first third from going so fast, flipped onto his back, and landed in 6 feet of powder. skied away unscathed. so lucky he didn't hit any rocks.
OMG, Davefan! That's incredible!!!
yea, pretty cool. he was so lucky that he didn't hit a rock, though. when there is powder like that it is so easy to not see a rock and slam on it. would have been fatal from that height if he did. but he's like my hero :D . if only i had the guts.
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