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Size of o-ring to fit CO2Art needle valve

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I need to get a new o-ring to go between the standard CO2Art needle valve and bubble counter. I've tried searching around, but I can't find what that size of o-ring is called. Does anyone know what that size of o-ring is called and where they can be found?

If necessary, I can order a new one from CO2Art, but it seems silly to ship something that tiny and simple all the way from England if I can buy one locally.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to try to find which storage box my old calipers are in. It looks like Lowes has a wide variety online, not sure what their in-store selection will be like. I guess I can take the needle valve into the hardware store to see what fits, I guess I'm just paranoid that I'll be accused of shoplifting if I take stuff into stores like that.

Does anyone know if I should try to match to the nearest metric or imperial size? Does it matter as long as it's a close fit?
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