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Size of Ceramic Diffuser based on Tank size?

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I currently have a 3FT tank. I will be having co2 injection. My question is, is the size of the ceramic diffuser based on tank size or the rate of bps?

My tank would be mainly ferns, buceps and anubias. Intend to keep it slightly under 2-3 bps. I have a ceramic diffuser which I had used for my 1FT previously, do I need to upgrade?

Your comments and advise will be appreciated. Thank you.

similar post back in 2009.
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Tank Size
ADA Diffuser
60x30x36 cm = Pollen Glass
60x30x36 cm = Pollen Glass Type-2
60x30x36 cm = Pollen Glass Type-3
60x30x36 cm = Pollen Glass Large 20Ø
60x30x36 cm = New Pollen Glass
30x18x24 – 36x22x26 cm = Pollen Glass Mini
75x45x45 – 90x45x45 cm = Pollen Glass Large 30Ø
75x45x45 – 90x45x45 cm = Pollen Glass Beetle 30Ø
90x45x45 – 120x45x45 cm = Pollen Glass Beetle 40Ø
120x45x45 – 180x60x60 cm = Pollen Glass Beetle 50Ø
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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