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I have a community-ish tank with one tiny school of tetras, a smallish one, a plecostomus and an angel. I had a problem a while back, and the angel's scales still seem a bit scratched up, and I've been worried it still wasn't feeling well, but she doesn't seem have a disease. Everything has been in check, but her scales still weren't healing, so I've been freaking out. (Noone's been getting sick, parameters have been good and she's still active and eating.)

Then, she laid eggs. And I have no idea why. I thought she wasn't doing well, and, there isn't another angel in the tank, so I have no idea who she thought would be their fishie daddy. She's been protecting them quite fiercely, which is unfortunate, because I was about to try and replant stuff. D: She's been making runs over them, and chasing everything to the other side of the tank.

Anyway, has this ever happened to anyone else? I've never had a fish decide to have babies by itself, much less one that didn't look very healthy. ...I guess I don't really have a question, I'm mostly just kinda WHAT about it.
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