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I have a planted 15g that has a moderate amount of plants Like Java Fern, Corkscrew Val, Amazon Val, Elodea, and Sagittaria sub. The Amazon Vals can grow to about 4 ft (not in my tank) and have "crinkled"(?) edges.

The plants are doing "ok", but the only one growing somewhat fast is the Amazon Val.

Anyway, my tank has an OEM type Perfecto hood that uses an 18" T-8 tube thats 15 watts and will need replacement in the next couple of months. (The tank is 24" x 12" x 12" - shrimp only)

My question has to do with buying a better fixture that uses a standard T-5 (NOT the HO version).

Would I be better off using a single 24" T-5 (6500K or 6700K) fixture thats 14 watt...OR, should I get a Dual fixture that uses two 14 watt (28 watts total) tubes that have one 6700K tube plus a 10000K tube?

The second half of the question is: should I get a Coralife single or double fixture or a DEEP BLUE Professional single or double fixture? The DEEP BLUE "dual tube" fixture has an LED "moonlight" ?

(I don't currently use Co2. Will I need it if I bump the wattage up ?)

I'd appreciate hearing any Suggestions or Ideas about the lights or fixtures!


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