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Singapore to New Jersey .. Its alive ... Angelfish laying eggs last post :)!

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Thanks for all the help specially Jason(yikejason),Laura,timwag2001 and others ....
Tank :
Aqueon 29g (thanks to timwag2001)
Stand from Petco

Substrate :
Ada aquasoil and sand.

Filter :
Eheim Ecco 2236 (thanks to deleted_member) lol

Heater :
Hydor ETH inline heater (as laura suggested)

Light :
Catalina T5 HO 24 watt x2 65K bulbs

CO2 :
Pressurized Co2 system,
Concoa dual stage regulator +bubblecounter+needlevalve (entire setup credit goes to Jason)
5 lb tank , 2-3 bps 8 hours a day.

Red temple
Java Moss
Limnophila aromatica

3 Blue neon angelfish
6 Rasboras
3 SAE's
5 Ottos
more than 10 RCS
3 Amano shrimps

The beginning :10/16/2010

HC planted : 11/07/2010

HC Growing : 11/25/2010

Patience ran out and filled it, adding some more plants : 12/13/2010



Angels ....

Thanks again !
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Thank you ! exchange place, on the hudson river (literally) :D
Hey, another New Jerseyian! I have a mental database of most of the LFS in the North Jersey area, so if you need help with finding LFS I could possibly help. Also, there are some nice stores in NYC, especially in Chinatown, mainly the ones in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The fish there are usually quite cheap. For lights, I would suggest a two bulb T5HO fixture. They are quite bright and cost efficient, compared to metal halides and such.
^^^ hello !
the local LFS which i go to is T-A village tropical fish its not as good as i thought but ok for emergency purposes as it has most of the things for basic aquarium need.
yeah have been to pacific aquarium at china town and that place is good but I have not yet seen anything like the ones in Singapore these shops were like supermarket and they were super cheap too :p
Any how do you know any other good shops near exchange place ??
Also thanks for your advise on light , i had a question regarding the products which i am yet to buy is it good idea to buy from LFS or online ? for items like light, Filter....
oh and 1 last thing am slightly confused between Fluval and Eheim ? is Eheim the ulimate winner and also isnt 2217 an over filter for 29g ?

Thanks again for your advise/help guys I appreciative it !
It's better to buy lights in person. In my experience, they cost about the same, and you save on shipping costs.

Absolutely Fish is about half an hour away from you. It has a nice selection of fish and plants, with some rarer stuff, but is rather pricey at times. Kazimir's Pet Shop and Reef Encounter are in Hackensack, the former is a nice family run store and the latter has an okay selection of fish and plants. This page is a nice reference for LFS in NJ.
thanks again for a quick response,
yeah , will go to pacific this week sometime for lights.
well its been just 2 months since i have moved here and i dont have a car yet so any thing further than 15mins is not a good option for me :p thanks anyways the link you mentioned is very useful.
Thanks !
No problem. ;)
I wouldn't cap the ADA AS with sand, eventually the sand will settle down as the larger AS particles come to the top, and you'll just get an ugly mix of sand and AS.
^^^ this is what I like about this forum, I was wodering the same thing as to how would i avoid mixing sand and the soil, and was thinking of having the sand not as topping but a small section , need to think more :p

Thanks !
Update :

Getting the stand from petco this friday :)
getting the Eheim Ecco 2236 from "justlikeapill" hopefully i'll get it by friday ....

Now, i have a noob question, I am planning to plant some HC and was wondering whether i have to cycle ADA aquasoil for a few weeks(cause of amonia) before i plant the HC am planning to plant it without the water in tank.
Also would i be a good idea to just keep the aquasoil in water in some tub till i start cycling it in tank ? I wonder whether this would reduce any amonia :icon_ques
Yes, I'd start cycling it before you add plants. Sometimes it can throw off so much ammonia it will burn plants, though every batch can be somewhat different since it's an organic product.

I'd price out Solar T5HOs from in addition to other places. And check out for CO2 equipment.
Forget the mental database, come to the shop where I work, we have amazing stuff, and an amazing staff...ME! Haha if you need anything let me know, I do wholesale a lot and can get you amazing stuff!
Thanks laura , your suggesstions are always helpful :) will start the cycle this weekend.
The Solar T5HOs are nice and link says the reflecter multiplies the light x3 ? so would the 24x2 bulbs be a over kill for 29g tank ?

@F22 : thanks ! am looking for lights, heater (Hydor ETH inline heater),Test kits and ofcourse some flora, any help would be much apperciated :)
Will be visiting Win and Pacific shops in NY city tomorrow , was wondering which is the best test kit ? i was looking at API .
Anybody had any other suggesstions please advise ?

Oh and also ...
The Solar T5HOs are nice and link says the reflecter multiplies the light x3 ? so would the 24x2 bulbs be a over kill for 29g tank ?

Thanks again !
Pictures please! :)
here you go ..... :)

Arival of Eheim Ecco 2236 (thanks to clint (justlikeapill)).

And the stand from petco...


All set...

Betta looking at the new tank guess hes jealous in his 3g :p

Cloudy outside....

Thanks for looking.... :)

Am still confused about the lights , and test kit.
The Solar T5 HOs, link says the reflecter multiplies the light x3 ? so would the 24x2 bulbs be a over kill for 29g tank ?
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If you will use CO2 and dose ferts, that would be a good light.
Am still confused about the lights , and test kit.
The Solar T5 HOs, link says the reflecter multiplies the light x3 ? so would the 24x2 bulbs be a over kill for 29g tank ?
I don't know, I think that might be a little too much light, but it depends on how far above the tank you plan on putting it and how deep your substrate will be. I'm basing my assumption off of a very informative post by Hoppy that you can read here.

I'm new to all of this, so I could be way off here too.
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