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First off, I’d like to thank everyone here who has helped me along the way. Your opinions and knowledge are much appreciated!

As some of you know, I’m in the process of building a freshwater paludarium out of an enclosure roughly measuring 48” L x 20” H x 24” W. The display will have water about 4” deep holding about 25 gallons. The display will have a simple overflow consisting of a 1” bulkhead placed at 4” high that will be emptying into the sump below. Water will be returned to the display via a jebao dcs 2000 560gph pump. However, I plan on running the pump at a very low rate of return to mimic a waterfall. With that being said, the return will be positioned above the waterline.

The sump will be built using a 20 gallon “tall” aquarium. I plan on having the sump hold about 15 gallons and the water will be about 10-11” high. I’m thinking about installing three 1/4 glass baffles and two 1” bulkheads (one for intake and one for return). The first chamber would be mechanical filtration, the second would hold scrubbies, the third would hold lava rocks. The fourth chamber would hold my return pump and heater.

I’m unsure of how high to place the intake bulkhead in the sump. If I place it at my plane 10-11” high, water will flow down. If I place it low let’s say 3-4”, water will rise up. I don’t know which is more ideal. I’m also confused on how to place/space the baffles. Should the first baffle immediately after the intake allow water to run under it or over it? Meaning; should I place the first baffle at the bottom of the sump so that water rises over it? Or should I place this baffle elevated so that water travels under it?

Any advice or criticism is gladly accepted

Image: please check out my low tech rendering of the sump


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