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Silicone check

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Hi All,
I just finished draining a 55Gal. as I am going to re-purpose the tank.

I noticed as I was cleaning it / emptying the tank that a small piece of silicone easily lifted and I managed to make a small 1" tear as it's "flappy" in the one corner.
The tank has been filled with water for about 6 years and it has been re-purposed about 3 times now. This will be number 4.

Does anyone really think this is anything to be worried about?

What's a good way to test the silicon without poking it with various sharp objects?

Thanks all,



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That is the weak part, usually on higher end tanks that area is taped over and the wet silicone is removed before drying. The area you are concerned with is between the glass which should be fine.
Ever notice on even new tanks that algae will form in that area along the silicone in parts.... because it doesnt hold well.

Anyways leak test it and use it IMHO.
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