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Silicone and acrylic?

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I found an DIY article about making a slate background by attaching slate rocks to an acrylic sheet with silicone. I already had all the materials so I cut the acrylic and arranged the rock but now I read somewhere online that silicone does not stick to acrylic well. I haven't stuck the rocks on yet, but I was wondering if anyone had attempted something similar. It obviously doesn't need to be water tight or anything because it's just placed in the tank, do you think it will hold enough to keep the rock pieces from falling off? I know I could attach the rocks with the silicone right to the glass but liked the idea of having a space behind the rock wall to hide equipment.
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It doesn't stick well at all. Years ago I made a ramp for my turtle tank (turtle now deceased, tank is fishy) Glued a bunch of gravel to it. Within a week most of it was off the acrylic. Don't bother.
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