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Side of the road score!

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Coming home from work today there was a "Free" sign at the end of some persons driveway. 10g tank with hood, Aqua Clear HOB filter, heater, fish food, a couple bottles of dechlor, and some fake plants. The bulb in the hood is a t8 6500k Coralife which is cool. Tank is scratch free and in great shape. This is the second tank in two weeks I've found on the road, the first being a cracked 20l that I'm gonna re-seal.

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Even the goldfish were free?
The fifteen bucks was a deal breaker at the garage sale, I take it
Nice! what do you plan to do with it?
Not 100 percent sure. I'm in the process of building a rack for 4 10g tanks. I would like to use one to grow out some smaller species of plants. I get awesome growth out of the 10g I currently have setup with two dual Coralife T5HO fixtures and two bottle DIY CO2, maybe I'll do another like that. I was just as equally psyched about the Aquaclear filter in there, I love those HOBs.
Another free tank score the same week! 20h with Aqueon Filter, dual outlet air pump, heater, hood and light. Buddy was getting rid of it so he gave it to me. He must have rock hard water with so much calcium buildup. Cleaning it up tomorrow.
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My wife has forbidden me to get any more roadside freebies after the last three. The most recent was a like-new 29 gallon. Unfortunately they've all been tank-only. Your score, with the light and filter, is enviable!
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