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Sickly Red and Black Phamtom

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Well as the title say, I have a Red Phantom and a Black Phantom that are not doing so well. The problem is that their little stomaches are looking rather big. I noticed the Black Phantom frist about 5 or so days ago. The Red Phantom only today.

I think I must have over looked Red Phantom because his eyes are bulging.:confused: Like those people that can "pop" there eyes out of their sockets.

Can any one help me? Please!!!!
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That is indeed dropsy. From the sound of it, there may not be any possible cure except euthanization. Dropsy is often caused by kidney damage. Poor water quality will also attribute to it but your case is most likely kidney failure.
That sucks!! Nothing to do but let it run its coarse. Is it contagious or the others be all right?
Dropsy is not usually contagious. Keep in mind that it can be caused by various factors. Virus, poor water quality, internal infections, internal parasties. However dead fish should be removed as soon as possible as cannibalism might eventually serve as a route for passing on of dropsy, again keeping in mind that it can be caused by virus, not just kidney failures, etc.
dropsy is the most discustive thing ive ever seen . especially on large fish YUCCK
Add bad food to the list of potential causes.

Lost two female bettas and a male guppy to food that got wet.
Not an expert here, but I (so far) have kept my female Betta alive for 3 weeks (Monday) now. She is active and eating, though still "bloated". She is not as bloated the last two days.

If interested, this is what I am doing:
(note: she is in a 10g with hornwart and a single sprig of cabomba and a wondershell purchased from American Aquarium Products (not advertizing...this is the only place I know to get it) preset heater/set at 78* F)

50% water changes every day!

1 tbsp of aquarium salt per 5g (2 tbsp in 10g) or one tsp per gallon during water change

1 tsp of Epsom Salt per every 8g or so (8tsp in a 10g)...1 tsp per 1g during water change

The tank is my son's "night light", so sometimes the light (plant) stays on all night...sometimes I turn it off...usually stay on 24/7...I may start leaving it on at night and turning it off during the day...had green algae break out...I don't think the light has anything to do with the treatment.

She only gets fed 2 pellets daily, but looks for more.

I was afraid of using so much salt in the tank (mixture of Epsom and Aquarium), but so far so good...Hope this helps and good luck with your fishies!

Edit: My betta lived for almost 4 weeks. She passed late yesterday evening. She was showing improvement, and I feel that due to neglict on my part, she could possibly gotten over it.

Still, good luck with yours.
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