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Sick Pleco, or just no longer shy?

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I've had my pleco for about 6 months now? He normally hides all day long and I never see him, if he does come out and I walk by too take a look he would swim and hide. The last 3 days he comes out most of the tank and no longer seems afraid of me. I'm glad he is out more so I can see him, but want to make sure that this is normal. :confused1:
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Not sure what is considered bright? If you look at my signature it tells everything about the tank.
What kind of Pleco is it. That makes a differance. If its a common or a BN Pleco it is common for them to become more out going as they grow. Clown Plecos for example are always hiding. Some types of Plecos are out more and some do hide a lot.

So what kind is it?
Gold spot butterfly
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