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Sick of driving down to San Diego...

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I know, in San Diego, there are a lot of good places for FW everything. I have been to dozens of places all over for years, but I have not really found a good place more in the inland empire area.

I need to get some more plants. I could drive 45mins - 1 hour down to SD, but that is becoming a pain every time I need some random thing.

So does anyone know of any good places near Temecula? I went to Deep Sea Creations a few times, but their FW plant variety is not so good, and was not very healthy the last time I was there ( 5 days ago ). Any place that it between Temecula and Corona is closer then SD for me. If not, then I will just have to make a day of it, and hit up all the places down there tomorrow or this weekend. But I would like to find a LFS that can be my close, " go to " place. There just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of them around within 20 mile of where I am at.
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Join scape they have meetings up and down socal check when and where they might have one near you the auctions are great for getting rare cheap healthy plants and livestock
CK Fish in west covina, A+ tropical in temple city, nature aquarium in santa monica. There's a lot of nice lfs in the greater LA area.
Thanks, I will have to check those out. I went to Aquarium in Motion today, which is in Corona. The guy there did not have a lot fresh water wise, but what he had was pretty good. I got a GREAT DEAL on a Synodontis angelicus catfish.

I think I might join SCAPES. Every time I mention that I have fresh water planted tanks, people ask me if I am a member of scapes lol. That is where my best bet for plants is I am sure.
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