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Sick Mollies :(

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Hi all! I added two silver/white female Mollies to my established 29gal community tank almost two weeks ago. They were great for about a week then the poo hit the fan, so to speak, after an ich treatment (I now know I need a quarantine tank!). The mollies actually really seemed to like the heat and salt. I have tested all water parameters and they are exactly where they should be and I've been doing small daily water changes daily or every other day, about 10 to 20 percent, using conditioner and pre disolving some aquarium salt in aquarium water to keep up 1tbs for every five gallons. My mollies are listless, sort of just floating/treading water, one even will have it's gills stop and will look dead then pop back up after a few minutes. They now both have white clear stringy stuff all over them & are a little twitchy and one has something yellow sticking out of her anal vent. I can't seem to get a clear diagnosis and don't want to use the wrong meds if any are needed. I just feel awful! Any help is greatly appreciated!


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