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Sick Fish

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I've been setting up a planted 20g long, have had my four corydoras for at least three weeks. Today i noticed that one of the corys has a hairlike, moldy growth over his mouth. He is also lethargic, and surfaces for air much more frequently than any other fish in the tank.

After some quick googling I suspected that he may have columnaris, although I have been unable to find a good picture to make a 100% identification. Suggestions or diagnosis would be appreciated.

Today I began treating the tank with Maracyn and Maracyn-Two. Hopefully this helps.
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I'm definitely no expert, I've just kept fish for a long time and so had to figure out how to deal with all sort of stuff as it's come along. :)

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion they've got columnaris, it could be just a simple fungal and/or bacterial infection.

Maracyn is a good antibiotic to start with. Follow the directions faithfully, and don't cut the treatment time short even if it looks like the fish is getting better.

If the Maracyn doesn't work, you might try an antifungal med next.

Unfortunately, in truth it's impossible to diagnose anything with 100% accuracy over the internet. A true diagnosis would mean putting a sample under a microscope by someone who knows what they're looking for.

Best we can do is give you our best guess based on what you describe.

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It is tough to deal with a problem like that, but you should include an anti-fungal in whichever treatment you apply. And, offer the fish some kind of worms like bloodworms if you can't get tubifex as an appetite enhancer while it's being treated to be sure that you offer it something that would motivate it to take food.
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