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Sick fish, still can't find a solution after trying two medications. Any help?!?

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My German Blue Ram has had a cloudy eye and protruding white mass for some time now (see pictures). Two weeks ago I posted asking for help on the issue and decided to treat with herbal tonics (pimafix and melafix by API). After the recommended dosing I saw no change so I purchased some erythomycin antibiotic. The pictures below are from today after a full treatment of erythomycin, as you can see I still see no change. During this time I lost a female German blue ram to what I believe was dropsy, although the male doesn't show any signs of this.

Id really like to keep him but really don't know where to turn. The water parameters have been 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, and normal levels of nitrates between water changes (10-30ppm). I've got him as well as two Amano shrimp in a 10 gallon tank. We moved three months ago and I think the issues have stemmed from stress caused by the move.

Any help or suggestions for treatment would be appreciated!!!!!

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Bump on one side.
Bad news. Tumors of various sorts come to mind.

Treatment to date:
M & P: Treat surface problems, and can help against mild bacterial or fungal issues that are still on the exterior of the fish.

Erythromycin targets Gram positive organisms.
Most fish diseases are Gram negative.

Switch meds, and I would use something that will enter the fish via food or gills, not a surface treatment. Seachem Kanaplex is one such med (active ingredient Kanamycin).
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