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Sick fish (in a bad way)

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My dear fish Banana has been swimming in circles, floating at the top of the tank, and crooked for about a month now. Let me start by introducing Banana as a beautiful Neon Yellow-Tetra-Glow Fish. This all started when I left a 2 week fish food tab in the 10 gallon tank before I headed home for the Holidays. It should be noted I have a total of three fish, and the tab was designed for 5-7.
When I came back everyone was alive and happy. I removed what was left of the tab, but a few days later Banana started to exhibit symptoms. I immediately cleaned the entire tank. We all assumed she would be in fish heaven soon. Now it has been a month of her moping around the surface of the tank. I am curious if she will go back to normal, continue living in this state, or is due to die. None of my other fish have any symptoms. Thanks, and I hope all your fishes are well.
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When you say "cleaned the whole tank", what do you mean exactly?

How often are you doing water changes? What size tank? Filtration?
I replace all the water except about a gallon, and sift through the gravel (I replace with new water that is decholorinated with a basteria quick start)
I do this about every month
10 gallon tank
Yes- I have a filter
I never change more than fifty percent water at one time, and if i clean the gravel i don't touch the filters for at-least a week. I also change my water about 20% a week to avoid shocking the fish with large water change at one time. I'm not sure if this is what created the problem, but your tank could be going through a mini cycle. Maybe test for ammonia and nitrite.
Well Banana was sick before I changed her water, so I doubt that had anything to do with it.
I'm sorry to hear about Banana! Are there any other symptoms that he might be showing? Is he gasping and paler than normal? Or are his gills red? Are his eyes clear or cloudy? Sometimes glow-light fish don't always have the strongest immune systems from having been genetically modified (sorry about that - they aren't dye injected). Do any of your other fish show symptoms?
Yeah actually. I see her gasping while she is floating at the top of the tank. I'm not sure about color though. Her gills and eyes look fine. All my other fish seem completely normal. I didn't know that was how they got their color. I don't think I will buy anymore. Seems unethical to hurt a fishes immune system just to make it brighter for our pleasure.
It could be the ammonia is too high - also what do you have for oxygenation? What kind of filter? Sometimes there are some fish more sensitive to oxygen levels in the tank.
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