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Sick dying Black Ghost Knife

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This morning I turned on the light to my tanks to notice my ghost knife attached to the filter intake, i touched him gently with my tweezers and he swam away, he looked 100% fine. no fins frayed nothing. I thought he was just relaxin cause it kept him in one spot. seemed normal.

5 minutes go by and I look again and he looks almost dead. all fins are frayed, he tail is almost gone, hangin on by a thread. I dont get it. no fish bother him, never have before. The only other fish in there is a lazy ass striped raphael.
and two clown loaches.

Water levels are fine and nothing different from what he has been in his whole life.

pH 7.5
kh 18
nitrate 20
nitrite 0
ammonia 0
temp 80F

29gal very low light.
java ferns growing in tank
and DIY co2

I am going to disconnect the co2. I have placed him in containment but in the same tank and added Stress Guard.
It looks to late though.

Thing is, I have NO CLUE why he is dying???? and why the hell he looked 100% 5min ago and then looked like a zombie raised from the dead.

Any ideas?
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dead... .
:( bummer.....
It might have been the Clown Loaches. They chewed some of my Angelfish's top and bottom fins.
It might have been the Clown Loaches. They chewed some of my Angelfish's top and bottom fins.
I was thinking that to. What is strange is that they have been in the same tank together for years. Not once have I seen the clown loaches act aggressive toward any other fish. They are very timid and usually hide if you stand close to the tank. It's true they might have started to nibble on the knife after he was looking bad. But I don't believe they caused him to die in the first place.
Oh well, guess I'll never know.
I had one that did the same thing, after it died the zoo here did a neocropsy on it and found that he was full of tumors. So it may be the case here, and after it got loose from the filter intake is probably when the other fish started hitting it.
I'm sorry. :(
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