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Sick Blue Ram Cichlid

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I have a fairly new 10 gallon planted tank. Recently I noticed what I believe to be Ich on my blue ram cichlid. The fish seemed to be getting better when I began treating the tank with Seachem's Para Guard- the Ich disappeared from the tail fin, but now the fish has faded in color, the red eye is almost all black, the belly looks slightly bloated and the fish does a strange tremor type shake. At the moment it is resting on the gravel, I suspect trying to die which makes me sad and I don't know what else I can try to save her. Any suggestions?
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1.) - Make sure the tank has a stable PH
2.) You really do not need medication for ICH on GBRs, just raise the temp to 85-88 degrees and add airation. They like the heat and it kills the ich.
3.) Do a water change, and make sure the PH is the same. They are VERY sensitive fish, slight medication will kill them.
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