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My betta fish has popeye that only seems to get worse (he has a 10 gallon with a maid service). I have treated the tank twice with fungus meds with a 50% water change between treatments as well as two weeks of pep talks.

I am now faced with the fact I don't think my friend is going to make it :icon_sad: ( He hasn't eaten for 4 or 5 days) he just lays behind a rock with the java fern holding him down. Ive have been keeping the tank light off only switching it on to check on him.

I have been going crazy on google wondering if there is something more I could be doing, or if he is just to old to give it a good fight? (I got him as a walmart rescue 3 years ago and I am not sure on the lifespan of a betta)

Any advice you could provide about what more I could do for Gil would be appreciated.

Sadly at the same I am also faced with what I should do with his tank if in fact it is his time. I have shrimp snails and plants without another cycled tank. What should I do to clear out whatever has caused Gils demise so that his predecessors will not become ill?

Thank you for any advice help or ideas you might be able to provide!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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