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Sick Angel Fish. Need Advice

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Hello, I have a 45 gal tank with 10 gal sump that has been setup for quite some time now. The angel in question was living in a tank previous to this one, happy and healthy, and has been in this tank for about 6 months now. There are 3 other angels in the tank, along with 3 SAE and 5 Amano Shrimp. No other fish are showing any signs of distress or agitation. The water quality is good, weekly ten gallon water changes. Normal dosing schedule. Since start up I have been running 2 bps on the CO2 but dropped it to 1 bps this week due to weird symptoms from this one angel.

Follow the link to the angels behavior. He has tried to eat food but spits it out. He does these weird movements with his mouth 24/7. He hasn't eaten in 5 days. He hangs with the other fish, but during feeding time he will go into a corner. He use to be the king on the hill in the group. Its almost like the mouth movements are him coughing up food or chewing on something.

He has no signs of fungal issues or slime in his body. I would like to say he lost some color but I am not for sure. He never spreads his dorsal fin out anymore, It is always close to its body like its embarrassed.

Should I quarantine him from the others? Anyone ever seen this behavior?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Yep, had it before... took lots of water changes and more importantly live food to pull it through.
I used mosquito larvae to get mine through the rough patch as well as levamisole as I expected it to be a worm or similar problem, it turned out to be flagellates... (it makes a clear gel like poop).
Should I separate the fish that are acting weird? (Stopped eating, stopped schooling) Was your fish still eating live food? This one will not touch flakes, freeze dried, nor live... I now have another angel acting the same way. Have been doing 50% water changes. How often were you doing them?


I'd aim for 3 changes a week untill they are better. Yes, they have a hard time resisting the urge to eat live food, while refusing flakes etc.
Don't think I would have been able to do it without the mosquito larvae. As you are not adding medicine, you may as well keep them all together.
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