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As im sure many of you know i used to have 4 dwarf puffers wich were always at the front of the tank swimming around. After my 2 died a few weeks back my remaining 2 are increadibly shy , they generally stay at the back of the tank but after a few weeks in the 5 gallon quarantine they were getting slightly friendlier anyway i moved them to their new 12 gallon yesterday , i never see them now and cant draw them out of the back , is this normal? Are they still adjusting?My 3 ottos are very friendly if not more freiendly in there new home ( all perimeters perfect btw).
Also im not sure if because theres less puffers there less confident , there also very shy around other people and i can only half draw them out if its me at the tank ( maybe they recognize me )
With 2 puffers and 3 ottos im fully stocked so cant get anymore!
Oh also if its of any importance i have a very dominant male and a subservient half the size female who follow each other everywhere apart from the odd chasing here and there they get on really greatand since the other 2 died they go everywhere together.
Also they are eating just not as much as usual.Sorry for the essay :D
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