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shut down tank for 2 days, now super growth

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Hello i been dosing this tank for a few weeks and the last 2 days i left the lights off and the co2 has been very minimal cauase i have to refil my diy co2.

but i turned on the tank today, my wistera grew 4 inches and all my plants are much bigger and my algae (that brown hairy fluffy stuff) is almost gone...

why did my plants all of a sudden grow like there is no tomorrow?
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i did another shutdown for 2 days and i got mad growth again.

comeone can anyone shead some light?
It might be a drop in competitive pressure giving the plants a boost. For example, if the algae is not blocking light to the leaves as much or using up as nutrients b/c of a dieback, then the plants may get a boost in growth. Just a guess though.
Usually plants get leggy after black outs.
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