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I have a low tech "jungle" 15 and two low tech Fluval Spec V tanks. Here is a link to two recent videos of two of the tanks. The other Fluval had a betta who was a couple years old, and died a couple weeks ago from what I think was a tumor. I will be re-doing that tank later today, swapping plain gravel for Eco-complete. The 15 is a bit overgrown in the video because I want to use cuttings of the stem plants when I redo the Spec. Not the best videos but you will get the idea of the tanks.
The three Endler hybrids are in with the betta because they kept harassing the CPDs, I guess thought they were female guppies. The other 3 Endlers just spar with each other and don't bother the other fish, so they are still in with the CPDs.
So, I have the following after about 2 years of having them…
4 CPD (thats all my local store had in when I got them)
5 Chili Rasbora and 2 Exclamation Point Rasbora
5 yellow Endler Hybrids, 1 black bar Endler - all males
2 cory cats - will stay in the 15
4 otos - in the 15 now
maybe 50? maybe more… Cherry red shrimp in the 15 and a few in the other tanks.
1 betta - he's only about a year old

The 15 is small for the cory cats. A neighbor was getting rid of his tank and they were the only two fish left and I said I would give them a home. So far, they seem happy enough.

I've been thinking of moving the CPD to one Spec, and the Rasbora to another.

That would put the betta in the 15 with the Corys, Otos and the majority of the shrimp. He's had shrimp in his tank for months and not hurt them. Once in a while there is a dead one, but I never see him "hunting" so I think the shrimp are dying of old age. He seems to be a very mellow betta. He does love eating tiny snails though. The betta that just died - no way for him - he attacked everything. Anyway, was thinking of putting the betta in the 15 so he would have more room. He is a very active betta, unlike the veil tail that just died. This one is always on the move, and I feel bad that he is in a Spec.

Not sure where to put the Endlers. I guess in the 15 with the betta. At least the three that he is in with now. The three that don't hassle the other fish could go in Specs with CPD or Chili if it would not be over crowded.

Only thing is, the 15 is at 77 now, and for a betta to be in there, it should be a bit warmer, I think. Not sure how cory and oto would like that. The betta tank now is at 80.

I am not sure if a Spec is enough room for the CPD. I have read that people do it, but is it fair to the fish? The rasboras don't swim around much, but the CPDs are all over the 15. It is possible the betta and the CPD would get along ok too… so maybe they could both be in the 15 but would CPD like it warmer than 77?

Then again, I could put all the guppies in one Spec, leave the Betta in one, and leave the CPD and Rasbora in the 15 with the corys and otos. I love the CPD and would like to get a few more, if the store ever gets more in when I am there.

Filter flow - the Specs have the flow set low, with a small sponge slightly slowing the outflow. However, the 15 has two Aquaclear 20 on it, set at medium, one on each end, so there is quite a bit of flow in it. The betta is a plakat, so hopeful that it would not be a problem for him, if I would decide to try him in there.

Any experienced small tank folks want to give me some advise on shuffling my fish around so that everyone is happy? Thanks!

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I have very, very hard water. Well water takes 26 drops to get the API hardness kit to change (GH and KH). All three tanks are maintained the same way. I use well water cut 50/50 with RO water I buy at the local supermarket, and I add RO for evaporation between water changes.

So, I don't think it is going to matter which tank the fish are in for parameters. They should be the same…. except temperature. I can vary the temps on the tanks.

I've had a problem with the 15 with high nitrates - I think from over feeding. I've cut back to once a day and that has helped. I worry about the otos because I don't have algae that I can see any more. So I put algae wafers and so forth in for them. THey have no interest in blanched veggies.

That is another thing I was thinking about switching fish for… the betta is used to eating one pellet at a time from my fingers. So I would not be putting food at the top in the 15 for the CPD, Endler Chilies like I do now. Just sinking wafer for Cory and food for Otos. Might help the nitrates if I switch fish around. The guppies can find food by hunting and pecking, I think, or I could feed them every other day, or when I feed brine shimp or bloodworms to the betta.
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